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KoRo Organic Cookie Walnut Kakaonibs 50g

lactose-free and vegan

Do you like the Swedish oat biscuits because oatmeal is the perfect base for biscuits that are soft on the inside and extra crispy on the outside? We agree with you. The KoRo Bio Cookie in the walnut variety consists mainly of oat flakes. So that you can convince your vegan and non-vegan friends alike, KoRo have developed extra oat biscuits that do not contain any animal ingredients. The KoRo organic cookies are the best proof that baking works without eggs or conventional butter. But that's not all, because the KoRo walnut cookie with fine bourbon vanilla is baked without adding sugar. So that you still have a mildly sweet taste experience, KoRo add the finest coconut blossom syrup to the Cookie Dough. The result: A vegan and high-fiber (9.7 g / 100 g) biscuit with delicate nut pieces and crunchy cocoa nibs.


  • Oatmeal biscuit with cashew nuts, walnut pieces and cocoa nibs
  • Tastes great with coffee, cocoa and hot milk
  • Sweetened with coconut blossom syrup
  • Lactose-free & vegan
  • Organically grown
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • May contain traces of PEANUTS, other NUTS and SESAME

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