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KoRo Organic Hazelnut Bar with Chocolate 50 g

organic and vegan, no artificial sugars and flavors

Isn't it good to eat cherries with you today? Well, luckily we didn't use the ones in our KoRo Vegan Organic Hazelnut Bars with Chocolate. Hazelnuts in themselves are a delicious snack, but let's be honest - sometimes it just has to be chocolate. That's why our hazelnuts fell into the chocolate pot and are now wrapped in the creamy delicacy. Instead of refined cane sugar, we use rice syrup and coconut blossom sugar for the sweet.


  • Delicious chocolate coated nut bar
  • High fiber content (9.5 g / 100 g)
  • Vegan
  • Organically grown ingredients
  • When traveling, at work, at university or school: our snack is always a delicious option
  • Store cool, dry and protected from light
  • May contain traces of PEANUTS, other NUTS and SESAME

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US$ 5

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