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Verival Porridge Poppy-Seeds & Plum

vegan, glutenfree and organic porridge of whole grain from Tyrolia

Verival Organic Porridge Cocoa & Banana is made of gluten-free oat flakes mixed with poppy seeds and dried plum crisps. Handmade in the Tyrolian Alps you are offered a delicious glutenfree porridge 100% organic. One serving of porridge a day provides all essential and important nutrients for your body. A great and delicious meal to start your day with!


  • 350g porridge
  • glutenfree, lactofree, no added sugars, flavors and colors
  • 100% organic
  • allergy information: contains fructose, poppy seeds, plum, sesame, soy, nuts

Verival Porridge Poppy-Seeds & Plum

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US$ 11
Shipping weight: 0.65Kg / 1.43lbs

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