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TRI TOP Waldmeister 600ml

The green beverage-classic!

TRi TOP is fruity syrup fun for lots of colorful options. Mix TRi TOP with water and conjure up the most delicious thirst quenchers and your new favorite drink in no time at all. Or you can use TRi TOP to mix cocktails - with and without alcohol. But cakes and desserts can also be perfectly refined with the syrup original. Whatever you fancy: With TRi TOP you can mix a lot of variety, lots of taste and a large portion of joie de vivre into everyday life, just as you like!


  • Low in calories (only 12 kcal per 100 ml *)
  • With less sugar **
  • 4.8 liters of soft drink at the recommended mixing ratio of 1 + 7
  • TRi TOP can be prepared with tap water, mineral water or self-sparkling water (soda maker)
  • The intensity and sweetness of the taste can be adjusted individually
  • There are many ways to enjoy TRi TOP: as a self-mixed soft drink, for preparing exotic cocktails, sophisticated baking ideas or for desserts


    * Ready-made drink according to the recommended mix: 1 part TRi TOP + 7 parts water
    ** 50% less sugar than traditional syrups

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