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Siebenstern Medium Hot Mustard 240ml

bavarian mustard in a glass

A real classic: Siebenstern Medium Hot Mustard. The mustard seed, crushed with a roller mill, is mixed with water, vinegar, salt and various spices in a mash container. During the mashing process, the characteristic aroma of the particular mustard variety develops. This mustard is a must have in every kitchen. It not only refines the simplest home cooking, it is also said to have healing powers. The small amount of brown mustard seed gives it the desired spiciness.

Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, vinegar from vinegar essence, colorant, sugar caramel, salt, spices, sweetener saccharin.


  • 240ml mustard
  • store in a cool and dry

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US$ 15
Shipping weight: 0.44Kg / 0.968lbs

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