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Pets Deli Softies Kangaroo Sensitive 90g

snack for dogs, suitable for allergic dogs, gluten- and grain free

Our Pets Deli Softies Kangaroo Sensitive are bite-sized for all regular-sized dog races and are easy for them to enjoy. These premium softies are not just intense in their flavor, but also great for an efficient tranig since they got an irresistible scent. Juicy kangaroo meat is high in protein for strong muscle cells. Also suitable for allergic dogs or the ones with sensitive stomaches, since the Softies Sensitiv just contain one source of protein and the low-cholesterol kangaroo meat is rich in linoleic acids. The Pets Deli Softies are exclusively produced for gourmet dogs, due to their premium ingredients and its high percentage of meat, fitting the dogs nutritional requirements perfectly.


  • 90g dog snacks
  • 60% kangaroo
  • tail wagging guaranteed
  • no animal testing
  • without any artificial colors and preservatives
  • grainfree
  • glutenfree
  • store in a dry and cool place

Pets Deli Softies Kangaroo Sensitive 90g

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US$ 11
Shipping weight: 0.1Kg / 0.22lbs