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Pets Deli Snack Bits Rabbit Sensitive 90g

snack for dogs, suitable for allergic dogs, gluten- and grain free, 95% meat

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Our Pets Deli Snack Bits Rabbits Sensitive are bite-sized and are easy for your furry friends to enjoy. These premium softies are not just intense in their flavor, but also great for an efficient tranig since they got an irresistible scent. Juicy rabbit meat is naturally high in protein, an essential part for strong muscles while providing much energy. Further rabbit meat is high in essential vitamins like those from the B-group, which play an important role when talking about a well-working digestion. It is low in fat and therefore suitable for low-calorie nutrition. Our Snack Bits Sensitive are also suitable for sensitive stomachs and a real delight, as all types fit dogs with food allergies.


  • 90g dog snacks
  • 95% rabbit
  • tail wagging guaranteed
  • no animal testing
  • without any artificial colors and preservatives
  • grainfree
  • glutenfree
  • store in a dry and cool place

Pets Deli Snack Bits Rabbit Sensitive 90g

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