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Pets Deli Animal Dry Food Green Insect 4kg

for dogs, no animal testing, grain- and glutenfree, insect-based protein

The products of Pets Deli Green represent innovative and sustainable feeding. Our Pets Deli Animal Dry Food Green Insect is a meat-free insect-based feeding stuff with potatoes, peas and apples to fulfill the nutritional requirements of your furry friend. The mousse of the hermetia illucens fly is high in essential protein, to provide all the required energy during the whole day. Peas contain calcium, magnesium and zinc. That's what makes bones resilient and keeps muscles and tissue elastic. Potato and apple are high in vitamin C. They toughen the immune system and support the cells in their regeneration. No matter wether you choose a daily feeding or just one meat-less feeding each week - this animal dry food is good for your dog and good for the planet.


  • 4kg dry animal food
  • insect-based protein
  • very sustainable
  • tail wagging guaranteed
  • no animal testing
  • without any artificial colors and preservatives
  • grainfree
  • glutenfree
  • store in a dry and cool place

Pets Deli Animal Dry Food Green Insect 4kg

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