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Ovomaltine Sachets 1800g

Swiss drink powder from cocoa and malt

Ovomaltine, was found in 1904 from Dr. Albert Wander and consist of cocoa- and malt powder. When talking about health it is your ideal choice. Preparation: Mix 2-3 spoons of powder with 200ml warm or cold milk. The cocoa gives a chocolatey taste to the drink, the malt makes it healthy as it contains vitamins, magnesia and calcium. Wheather in the morning or in the evening, Ovomaltine will make your day!


  • 1800g drinking powder, 100 sachets
  • consist of cocoa and malt
  • allergy information: contains gluten and lactose
  • store in a dry and cool place

Ovomaltine Sachets 1800g

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