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Nimm2 Lachgummi Sour 200g

Sour fruit gum mix with juice and vitamins

Since 1962 Nimm2 is famous for the slogan „Vitamins and Nibbling". The little delights are popular with the whole family! Because they contain necessary vitamins like vitamin E, B6 and B12. This version Nimm2 Lachgummi Sour is double funny, as you create funny faces before eating. Made with fresh juice they taste irresistible fruity and sweet while they are still slightly sour.


  • 735g fruit gums
  • 5 flavors: orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and cherry
  • with vitamins, biotin, panthothenacid and niacin

Nimm2 Lachgummi Sour 200g

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