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Lindt Hello Vegan Cookie Tablet 100g

suitable for vegans

Snacking with a clear conscience! The great Lindt Hello Vegan Cookie is a delicious chocolate creation that does not contain any animal ingredients and is irresistibly delicious. Enjoy a bar that was prepared with oat drink and almond paste and tempted with crunchy biscuit pieces. In the environmentally friendly packaging made from renewable raw materials, the chocolate stays wonderfully fresh and tasty.


Cocoa product with oat drink powder (21%), almond pulp (9%) and dark biscuits (10%)

sugar, oat drink powder * (oat syrup (70%), maltodextrin), cocoa butter, almonds, cocoa mass, wheat flour, sunflower oil, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural flavors, raising agents (potassium, ammonium hydrogen and sodium hydrogen carbonate). * Gluten-free oats

May contain milk, hazelnuts and other nuts.

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US$ 7
Shipping weight: 0.3Kg / 0.66lbs

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