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KoRo Spelled Crispy Flakes With No Added Sugar 400g


Crunchy, crunchy crunchy, it's crunchy in your muesli bowl. However, it is not the wind, the heavenly child, that is responsible, but the delicious KoRo crispy spelled flakes. They wouldn't feel comfortable in a witch's house anyway, because - unlike the sweet treats in the fairytale forest - they don't have any added sugar. But they still taste fabulously delicious, because the unsweetened spelled flakes naturally contain sugar and ensure a good portion of crunch on the breakfast table. Buy the cornflakes alternative now and start the day with even more joy.


  • For a delicious start to the day
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars
  • protein source
  • The crunch in your muesli
  • Vegan
  • Store cool, dry and protected from light
  • May contain traces of SOYA and MILK (LACTOSE), NUTS and SESAME

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US$ 10