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KoRo Light Organic Teff Flour 1kg


The KoRo Light Organic Teff Flour is your new alternative to wheat flour. But strictly speaking it's not that new: the fine flour originally comes from Ethiopia. It has been very popular here for thousands of years and is an integral part of the local diet. The flour is made from the tiny grains of teff, also known as "dwarf millet". The special feature: Teff flour has enough binding power for hearty and sweet dough creations. Due to its nature, it acts as a natural water reservoir and thus absorbs a particularly large amount of liquid.


  • Super source of protein
  • Nutty taste
  • Ideal for pancakes, bread and pizza
  • Alternative to conventional flour
  • From organic farming
  • Store at room temperature and protected from light
  • May contain traces of GLUTEN, other NUTS, SOYA and SESAME

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US$ 24
Shipping weight: 1.5Kg / 3.3lbs