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KoRo Hazelnut Cream 5kg - Bucket

100% real hazelnuts, vegan

As a true nut lover, you can hardly ignore our delicious hazelnut cream. It not only impresses with its incredibly creamy taste, which is reminiscent of nut-nougat cream, but can also be nibbled with a clear conscience! Because our KoRo Hazelnut Cream Bucket does not contain any palm oil and is therefore made from 100% freshly roasted hazelnuts. It owes its light sweetness to the natural sugar content of the hazelnuts it contains. In combination with the roasted aromas that develop during the gentle production, a sweet, aromatic hazelnut paste is created that you will not say no to.


  • 100% made from hazelnuts
  • Particularly creamy
  • Without palm oil
  • No added sugar - naturally contains sugar
  • Ideal as a topping for muesli and ice cream or as an ingredient for liqueurs and cakes
  • Store at room temperature. Keep in a cool place after opening. Stir any oil that may have settled
  • May contain traces of PEANUTS, SESAME AND OTHER NUTS

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US$ 230
Shipping weight: 6Kg / 13.2lbs