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KoRo double oat biscuits with dark chocolate filling 180g

oat based cookie

Oat cookies are the absolute classic in the biscuit game. What tastes better than crispy, sweet cereal biscuits? Right, KoRo double oat biscuits with dark chocolate. The dark filling with a cocoa content of 50% gives our oat double biscuits the full chocolate pleasure - a sandwich in a class of its own!


  • Aromatic chocolate cookies based on oats
  • Ideal sweet snack for in between
  • Round and crispy oat biscuit
  • Melting chocolate cream filling
  • Tastes great with coffee or tea
  • 50% cocoa content
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • May contain traces of EGGS, NUTS and SESAME

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US$ 13
Shipping weight: 0.38Kg / 0.836lbs