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KoRo Crunchy Ice glaze Hazelnut 10 x 225ml

solidifying ice cream sauce, no artificial substitutes

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A crack that inspires: Sometimes the special can be so simple. Whether on milk ice cream, fruit ice cream or parfait: the KoRo Ice Cream Sauce Hazelnut becomes crunchy and firm when it comes into contact with cold ice cream and gives frozen delicacies a crispy, tender chocolate coating. The chocolate ice cream has a fine hazelnut taste and can also score points as a liquid hazelnut sauce on non-cold desserts. Whether you just feast or let off steam while decorating your ice cream creations - buy the KoRo setting ice cream now and bring “KoRiosen” dessert fun home with you!


  • Setting ice cream sauce
  • Nutty and chocolatey: with 30% hazelnuts and fine cocoa
  • Crunchy on cold dishes such as ice cream and sorbet
  • Liquid hazelnut sauce for sauce dishes, desserts, cakes, tarts and pastries
  • Simple handling through direct pouring on
  • The ice cream sauce should not be stored in the refrigerator
  • Store at room temperature and protected from light
  • May contain traces of other nuts

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