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KoRo broken chocolate with whole milk almond salted caramel 1kg

sweet meets salty

Team sweet vs. team salty - it is the question of all questions and has already broken many relationships. If a family dispute is then opened up again by the question in the cinema about "sweetened or salted popcorn", then there is only one solution: the KoRo whole milk almond salted caramel broken chocolate. Not only sweet, but also salty cravings are satisfied.


  • Perfect match of almonds, salt and chocolate
  • Ideal for giving away, sharing or enjoying yourself
  • Sweet meets salty
  • Full-bodied snack experience
  • In practical 1 kg packaging
  • Store cool and dry
  • May contain traces of other NUTS and GLUTEN

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US$ 28
Shipping weight: 1.2Kg / 2.64lbs