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Hobbybaecker Sourdough Rolls Fränkli 1kg

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Delicious Hobbybakers Sourdough Rolls Fränkli and small breads bake with this mixture of wheat flour, rye flour, sourdough, wheat malt smot and a hint of spice. Depending on the area, the original recipe contains 0.2 to 1.5 % whole, ground, chopped or roasted caraway seeds. We left it out so that every hobby baker can determine his own personal career registration.


  • Basic recipe for 9 rolls: 500g of sourdough brewed Fränkli, 7g dry yeast or 25g fresh yeast, 320g water 28 °C
  • Contents: 1kg
  • Can contain traces of eggs, milk, shell fruits, mustard, sesame and lupins

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US$ 16
Shipping weight: 1.07Kg / 2.354lbs