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Hobbybaecker Rye Bread Rustikus 1kg

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Would you like to prepare a hearty and delicious bread with a high proportion of rye? Then the handle to the Hobbybaecker Rye Bread Rustikus baking mix is the right choice. With the successful mixture, you conjure up juicy crusty farmer bread for the whole family in no time. The best thing about it: the breads not only taste delicious, they are also particularly digestible. The baking mix for rye mixed bread rusticus is also ideal for the production of base dough for spice bread. It can be used for baking projects in the oven and for baking in bread makers and lets you bake bread easily.


  • 1kg advantage pack
  • Basic recipe for a bread, approx. 750 g:
         500 g rusticus
         5g dry yeast (not included)
         380 g water 35 ° C

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