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Hobbybaecker Potato Bread 1kg

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Many valuable minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron make Hobbybaecker Potato Bread so valuable. The tasty bread can be kept fresh for a long time and is particularly versatile. Ideal for rustic party sandwiches, small sandwiches and bread dough tongues with sour cream, onion rings, bacon and a little caraway. It is also the perfect everyday bread and goes perfectly with all kinds of savory toppings and spreads.
Baking potato bread yourself is very easy with this baking mix. In addition to this bread-baking mix for potato bread, you also need water and dry yeast to make delicious bread yourself. Suitable for the bread maker.


  • 1kg value pack
  • Recipe for approx. 750 g potato bread:
         500 g potato bread
         3.5g dry yeast (not included)
         370g water 35° C

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US$ 17