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Hobbybaecker Farm Bread 1kg

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Above all, his straightforward, no-frills recipe makes this mix of rye mix of dark rye and wheat flour something special. This rye bread contains sourdough and can therefore also carry the name Hobbybaecker Farm Bread. Among other things, this refines the taste and aroma of the bread and improves durability. The ratio of the flour contained is rye flour 65% and wheat flour 35%. The bread in the kitchen stove is perfect, but the mixed bread succeeds in the mooring machine.


  • 1kg advantage pack
  • Recipe for approx. 750 g bread:
         500g of farming bread baking mix
         3g dry yeast (not included)
         380g water 35 degrees Celsius

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US$ 17
Shipping weight: 1.07Kg / 2.354lbs