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Hobbybaecker Chia Spelt Whole Grain Bread 1kg

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With this baking mix you can bake a balanced, aromatic Hobbybaecker Chia Spelt Whole Grain Bread with chia, sesame and linseed. Anyone who loves moist, fluffy bread with an appealing, dark crust is well served with this bread baking mix. The chia spelled wholemeal bread tastes great with savory but also sweet toppings. The ancient Maya already knew about the power of black seeds. These were mainly used by the messengers as energy-giving food.


  • 1kg value pack
  • Basic recipe for approx. 750g bread:
         500g chia wholemeal spelled bread
         4g dry yeast (not included)
         350g water approx. 28-30°

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US$ 21
Shipping weight: 1.07Kg / 2.354lbs