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Hobbybaecker Anton`s Farmer`s Bread 1kg

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Hearty, rustic and spicy - that is the typical taste of Franconia. Hobbybaecker Anton's Farmer's Bread is a real Franconian original. It originated in a bakery family in the Franconian town of Thiersheim. The loose rye mixed bread made of light rye and wheat flour with little yeast is particularly easy to bake and always succeeds. Store the baking mixture cool, dry and protected from sunlight.


  • 1kg advantage pack
  • Recipe for an approx. 750 g bread:
         500 g Anton's farm bread
         3G dry yeast (not included)
         380 g of water (35 ° C)

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US$ 17
Shipping weight: 1.07Kg / 2.354lbs