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dm babylove Sun Stick Sensitive SPF 50+ 20g

UVA+UVB protection

The dm babylove Sun Stick Sensitive SPF 50+ is suitable for targeted application to particularly sun-sensitive areas of the skin such as the nose, ears, forehead and cheeks. The balanced UVA/UVB broadband filter system and vitamin E reliably protect children's skin, which is particularly sensitive to the sun and delicate, from sunburn. The skin is immediately and reliably protected from sunburn and, in winter, also from the cold. The sun stick is waterproof* and ideal for on the go.


  • SPF 50+
  • With sun protection factor
  • Without aluminum salts, without dyes, without preservatives, without nanoparticles, without parabens, without paraffins / mineral oils, without perfume
  • Vegetarian

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US$ 10