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dm Alverde 5in1 Toothpaste Nana-mint 75ml

organic, natural cosmetics

The dm Alverde 5in1 Toothpaste Nana-mint supports you in 5 ways: 1. effectively protects against caries, 2. gently removes plaque, 3. prevents periodontal disease, 4. cares for the gums, 5. helps to freshen breath. The composition with mild cleaning agents gently but thoroughly dissolves plaque, the main cause of caries, tartar and periodontal disease. The recipe with valuable herbal extracts cares for and strengthens the gums. The active complex with mild nana mint oil also gives a fresh feeling in the mouth. Regular brushing strengthens the gums, removes plaque and effectively protects against tooth decay with fluoride. Recipe without microplastics and water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers. Climate-neutral product including packaging, subsequently CO2-compensated by supporting a climate protection project.


  • With mild cleaning agents for gentle tooth cleaning
  • Effectively protects against tooth decay
  • With valuable herbal extracts and mild nana mint oil for fresh breath

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