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Breitsamer Fair Trade Creamy Flower Honey

natural fairtrade honey, no artificial colors, preservatives and flavors

One of Germany's most famous Honeycorporation is the Munich-based family business Breitsamer. Since 1935 they are producing honey after the "German purity law for real honey", which testifies the premium quality. With the beginning of spring until the late summer bees collect the sweet nectar from several flowers for Breitsamer Fairtrade Breakfast Creamy Flower Honey. The diversity of flowers and the harvest time determine the taste and consistency of this naturally creamy honey.


  • 500g Fair Trade honey
  • in a resealable glass
  • with easy-to-use hinged lid
  • is subject to the German purity law for real honey

Breitsamer Fair Trade Creamy Flower Honey

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US$ 15
Shipping weight: 0.9Kg / 1.98lbs