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Breitsamer Creamy Organic Flower Honey from Germany

100% organic, climate neutral, handcrafted

One of Germany's most famous Honeycorporation is the Munich-based family business Breitsamer. Since 1935 they are producing honey after the "German purity law for real honey", which testifies the premium quality. The Organic, Creamy Flower-Honey is 100% from Germany and has a creamy consistency a mild-flowery aromatic taste. A pure natural product, rich in valuable ingredients, which is delightfully spreadable.


  • 315g organic, creamy flower honey
  • in a resealable glass
  • origin: Germany
  • is subject to the German purity law for real honey

Breitsamer Creamy Organic Flower Honey from Germany

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US$ 17
Shipping weight: 0.515Kg / 1.133lbs